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OTT isn’t something we are not aware of. Most people know what is OTT. This is because OTT is a huge part of our lives. The full form of OTT is over the top television. In simple words, OTT is a streaming media service that offers its services to all its viewers via the internet. Ott platform has made it very easy for the viewers to enjoy their favourite movies and series at home itself.

Unlike earlier times, an individual had to step out of the house and go all the way to the cinema halls to watch a movie. Not only does OTT helped us enjoying our favourite movies at home but it also helped us save a lot on transportation cost. Because of OTT, it became possible for the viewers to experience a ne viewing experience. Who would have thought that we will watch the best works of various industries like Hollywood, Bollywood etc, on the same platforms without even going to a cinema hall?

There are several problems that an individual faces related to OTT, if you are looking for the best OTT solutions then you can blindly rely on the services that egeekonline.com offers. Not only they are known for offering the best possible services but also make sure to work throughout the day i.e., 24 hours to solve all your queries.

Which are the most Popular OTT Platforms?

There are several OTT platforms to which an individual has access. These OTT platforms make it possible for all people to enjoy various amazing movies and shows with one click. Here are some of the most popular OTT platforms-

  • Netflix
  • Starz
  • Sling
  • MLB.TV
  • Hotstar
  • Discovery+
  • XUMO
  • Apple TV+
  • HBO Max
  • Showtime
  • Fubo
  • Hulu

Different OTT Platforms and issues people face with them-

As each platform differs, so do their problems and issues. Sometimes viewers face a lot of problems while using various OTT platforms like Netflix and hot star. Here are some of the most common issues that viewers face while using these platforms-

  • Buffering issues

This is the most common problem that the viewers face while using the applications. An individual faces this issue on both home devices and mobile devices.

  • Log in issues

Many times, people are not able to log in to their account. This problem occurs due to internet issues or the router. In this case, you will see an error UI, NW or AIP written on your screen.

  • Playback stream not available

This is the problem which most of the times occurs on Hotstar. This error message appears on the screen. This message sometimes appears due to WIFI issues.

  • Your device does not support DRM

Another issue which most people face is this error message. Users of Netflix and Hotstar, both receive such error message.

Get quick OTT Solutions to avoid any hindrance- 

ezygeeks ott-streaming

Each problem has a solution. Similarly, any problem that the viewers face has a solution. In case you are facing buffering issues, one needs to that the playback setting is set to auto or below high. In case the buffering issues are occurring on your mobile device, then use WIFI instead of your 4g connection. Similarly, sometimes people face login issues, the remedy to this problem is that you need to disconnect from your internet connection for some time. After some time connect with your net and try again to log in.

When the viewer faces the issue of an error message like “Playback stream not available”, then an individual needs to use a VPN service and connect with the Indian based server. There’s another error message that the viewer comes across,Your device does not support DRM”, in this case, an individual requires an official subscription along with the device or application that supports DRM. 

What ways do we use to help you?

We make sure to provide the best OTT solutions. To give the best solutions to all the people who are facing a lot of issues, we make sure to use various ways. If any individual faces any issues regarding the OTT services, here are the ways we use to help you-

  • On chat

To find OTT solutions for any of your query, one can easily use the option of live chat. All you need to is write down your query and send it. The representative on the other will give you the best solution to your query. This is how one can use the option of chat to get the best solution.

  • On-call

If you are not much of a chat person and want to get the solution via the call, you can do that too. Use the toll-free number to contact the representative. Once you get in touch with the representative, present all your queries and that an individual will answer all your questions. An individual can get in touch with the expert whenever they wish to. One can go ahead to know what is OTT and all others things that you are looking to know about.

  • Remote access

This Is yet another way to get the answers to all your questions. To use this way, an individual has to give access to one of our team members. Once they get access, they will easily solve your query. Also, there is nothing to worry about your privacy. All the information that you will share will remain confidential.

Final Thought

One can come to egeekonline.com using any of the way provided to connect with us i.e., call, chat or remote access. As we all are aware of what is OTT, so we know that one can face issues related to this. As OTT is all about the technical thing and the internet so one can face issues but we are here to provide you with a solution to all your problems. We have Technicians who know how to work best for providing the solutions. Also, as our Technicians are well-versed and equipped with all the needed things, they can give the perfect OTT solutions.


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