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Geek Protection Plan

Geek Services Protection Plan 

Geek Services is here to help you with you and provide an unmatched level of services and Protection Plans better than the geek protection plan. Our protection plan enhances the producer’s warranty and provides extended coverage even after the warranty ends. Geek Services protection plans save your money, time, and give peace of mind from again and again repairing and replacing products.  

Get Help at ease with Geek Services Protection Plans

 Geek Services provided protection plans and strives to help our customers at ease than the geek protection plan. Our services include in-store, on-site, and online via remote access and 24/7 telephone services. You can also get emergency on-site support if needed. Here are the affordable and innovative protection plans, which we have got covered for you:

1. Geek Services Accidental Damage Protection Plan

 We know that accidents happen a lot especially in a home with children and pets. You don’t need to worry about the damages when you have taken our Geek Services protection plan for accidental damage. With our plan, you will get the benefits of hassle-free repairing and fixing. Our plan is affordable than the geek protection plan and recovers the damage, even if the product is replaced. 

This plan includes the repairing and fixing of various appliance and devices including: 

  • Television 
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Major Appliances
  • Mobiles / Tablets
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Digital Cameras

2. Geek Services Protection Plan 

Even after your warranty, you can cover both labor and parts repairing. Our protection plans offer various benefits and advantages rather than the geek protection plan. Our protection plan includes coverage of various things, as:

  • Coverage of both parts and labor of the product to make new and run again. 
  • Repairing of electronic devices that come along with original products like monitors, keyboards, mouse, remotes, speakers, etc. 
  • Our plan also includes the services of power surges just like the Geek protection plan. 
  • We guarantee the best and quality of the repair.

3. Geek Services Replacement Protection Plan 

Our replacement plan includes replacement costs without additional charges. We strive to provide simplified services. You don’t need to worry about the replacement prices or products, we give full replacement guaranteed better than geek protection plan. 

You can purchase the replacement protection plan with different convenient ways:

  1. Online purchase – You just need to simply add the plan with your account to get benefits of hassle-free home delivery of replaced products.
  2. In-store – From the store of ezygeeks.com, you can add the replacement protection plan with your associate account.  

Why Choose Geek Services Protection Plan over the Geek Protection Plan?

While considering a protection plan from any company, you might consider various things like the quality work of the company, expert technicians, reviews, response, service, and many more things. Hence the Geek protection plans are one of the most famous plans and preferred by the people. Here are some reasons that will help you to know why Geek Services protection plans are better:

  • You can reliable and convenient in-store, in-home, 24/7 online, and telephone services with certified tech service agents.
  • Our expert agents expertise to repair thousands of products with great experience and knowledge.
  • Our protection plan includes free home delivery of the products, as we care about your peace of mind. 
  • We offer a long-lasting workmanship guarantee than the geek protection plan to repair and fix your products.
  • Our protection plan services are quick and effective than the geek protection plan. 
  • Our certified and friendly tech work with honesty and transparency, we do not charge any additional fee or do not force to buy anything outside the plan. 

Get Geek Services Protection Plan Now!

Geek Services protection plans are innovative and worth it. You get a wide range of services in the plan at the lowest rate than the geek protection plan. To know more or to get benefits from our plans, reach out to us now. You can either contact our friendly and helpful experts through live chat or phone. We are here to help you with the best possible service.


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