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At Ezygeeks- Every Tech Problem has a solution!

The line between a simple glitch and full damage is good technical support. Technology and gadgets are an important part of our daily life, whether is personal or professional. To make sure that your gadgets run smoothly, don’t ignore their technical hiccups because one slight issue can damage gadget’s whole system. Ezygeeks is a single platform that offers a range of quality services include Installation services, Set-up support, gadgets repairing, and more. Whether you require Ezy Geek Support for your personal gadgets or a comprehensive tech solution for your professional environment, we are here to help!

On-site Appointment
Over the Call step-by-step guidance
In Set-up and Repair
24/7 Calling Support


Work-Life Solutions at your Fingertips- Ezygeeks

It takes more than the right products for a successful business operation. We have perfect tech services and solutions like online tech support, installation services, set-up services, electronic repairing support, and Tech support. We are available round-the-clock to keep your teams connected, inspired, and productive, whenever and wherever. Whether you are looking for something specific or want tools and services for smooth operation, Ezygeeks is here to help!

We feel proud to offer you, our years of experience in technology, installation, set-up, repairing, and more. Let us help you to increase the productivity of your team by solving your technology and gadgets problems.

One Single Platform for Electronic, Appliances and Tech Support

Ezygeeks is dedicated to delivering reliable ALL the tech solutions in your home or office, no matter what kind of service or support you require. With online chat support, 24/7 over the phone assistance, and on-site technician help, we’re here to answer your every question and meet all your tech requirements.

Assistance for Electronic Devices

From a small camera to big refrigerators, Ezygeeks offer a perfect solution to meet your certain requirements. From Installation to Set-up and repairing, and remote programming, we are here to help! Ezygeeks offer a range of quality services include:

Appliance Installation
Appliance Repair Services
TV & Home Theater Services

TV Mounting & Installation Service
TV Connect & Setup
Basic Audio Setup
Remote Control Programming
Furniture Assembly
TV Repair
Computer & Tablet Services

Home Wi-Fi Setup or Troubleshooting
Data Recovery
Virus & Spyware Removal
Smart Home Services

Wireless Camera Installation
Smart Doorbell Installation
Smart Thermostat Installation
Smart Lighting Setup
Cell Phone Services

iPhone Repair
Samsung Cell Phone Repair
Other Major Phone Brands Repair
Car Electronics Professional InstallationMarine & Powersports Services  Camera & Camcorder ServicesPortable Audio Services  Video Game Services  

Assistance for Home Appliances

If you have following issues with your Home Appliances, contact Ezygeeks support for reliable, prompt and affordable repair services:
Won't drain or Rinse
Water leakage
Shaking or vibrating
Not spinning
Weird noises
No power
Won't heat
Not spinning
Clothes won't dry
Weird noises
No power  
Dishes not clean
Water leak
Dishes not drying
Water draining issue
No power  
Refrigerators and freezersRanges, cooktops and ovensMicrowaves
ovens Services
Not freezing or cooling
Water leakage
Water dispenser issue
Not making ice
Weird noises
No power  
Not heating up
Self-cleaning not working
Takes too long to cook
Gas smell
No power
No flame (gas)
No power
No light
Sparks or fire
Buttons not working    

Ezygeeks Tech Support

Today’s digital environment, Ezygeeks is your reliable source for tech services. From preventative maintenance to repairs, you will get the perfect tech support to your mobile, laptop, and PC in top shape. Our key focus is delivering your technology back up and running or helps avoid problems before they occur with protection services and proper setup.

From data backups to tune-up services, Ezygeeks is always to help you, our services include:
Tech ServicesData ServicesPhone & Tablet Services
Tech Services
Data Services
Phone Services
Virus Removal
Virus Protection
PC Tune Up
Device Setup
Wireless Setup & Repair
Tech Support
PC & Memory Upgrade
Software Installation
Data Backup
Data Recovery
File Transfer
Cell Phone Repair
Tablets & iPad Repair
Liquid Screen Protection
Water Damage Repair

From NYC to London, Ezygeeks is There- (Our Service Locations)

At Ezygeeks, we offer various service options include On-Site Appointment, Over the Call step-by-step guidance, Remote Services, and on-chat services step-by-step guide. Our all services except on-site technicians support are available worldwide. However, we offer our on-site services to all States/countries of the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Our Famous Services Locations:
United StatesCanada Europe
New Hampshire
New York
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
United Kingdom

Our Services Category

Certified Team
We have a huge team of certified, highly-skilled, and experienced technicians who will come to your ...
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Over the Call step-by-step guidance
For problems like application installation, updating, and set-up, our experts are ready 24/7 to help...
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Remote Services
Our technicians will solve your problems by accessing your device after your permission by using a r...
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On-chat services step-by-step guide
Have a question or need a service, our experts are ready round the clock to assist you.
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How Ezygeeks is different form Geek Support?

Since digitalization is taking over our lives, Technical service and Support is becoming a highly crowded field. There are lots of small and big players running on the same road to attract more customers. Somewhere, these big players forget the real meaning of customer satisfaction. Yes, they offer good services but Ezygeeks believer only in great.

Such a major technical service provider is Geek Support. The company offers a range of quality and has a big customer base. But, there are some loopholes, that we cover and make every service flawless.

Let’s discover how we are better than Geek Support:
ServicesGeek SupportEzygeeks
Appliance RepairGeek offer appliance repair to all major appliance brand. But, to get Geek Support for Appliance Repair, it’s necessary to become a member of their Total Tech Support or Geek Protection.To get Ezygeeks Support, you don’t have to buy or become a member of any long-term protection plan. We offer a one-time repair service. We diagnose and repair almost every major appliance brand.
Appliance InstallationGeek Support for Installation charge you extra for additional parts, extensive labor, and installation of big appliances.Ezygeeks Support offers an estimated price for installation service before taking the job in hand and rarely charge you extra for difficult tasks.
TV Mounting & Installation ServiceFor members of Total Tech Support, Geek support provides a full range of TV Mounting & Installation Service, from TV mounting to a 20% discount. However, Geek also offers this service for non-members but with very limited features.  For Ezygeeks all customers are special. We offer the same types of service experience to all customers. However, features may vary depending on the price option you choose, such as basic, premium, or advance.
Computer & Tablet ServicesGeek Support offer an extensive range of protection and repair services, whether its virus protection or PC/Laptop/tablet repair. But, there services are slightly expensive.Ezygeeks also offer an extensive range of services but without hurting your pockets.  
Smart Home ServicesGeek Support covers a wide range of products, but their service charges for non-members of Total Tech Support are expensive, almost more than half.Ezygeeks offer affordable services for all customers.
Tech Support for Commercial CustomersGeek Support focuses its services for residential or individual consumers and doesn’t offer many business services. .  Ezygeeks delivers quality tech services and support to both individuals and commercial consumers

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